The Loss of Positive Male Role Models and Educational Priorities in the U.S.

male education, United States education, classroom

During the 1950s, the scientist was the hero of our movies, saving us from space aliens and mutant insects. Why have our collective goals shifted away from educated men as role models?

Dustin Pedroia is the Reason I Love Baseball


Jim Mitchem wants to talk about heart.

Love and Losing: A Bonding Story

philly, philadelphia, love

What is more important when picking a favorite sports team: tradition or location? Larry Bernstein shares losing, love, and baseball with his 9-year-old son.

Who Will Win the World Series? Let’s Ask Dad

baseball, world series, players

Today is Game 1 of the World Series. We wanted to know if dads had any predictions, so Carter Gaddis asked them.

Mr. McGwire Goes to Washington

Mr Mcgwire goes to Washington

Andrew Scott writes about how the slugger disappointed one baseball fan—but not by taking steroids

How to Root Against Boston After the Marathon Bombings

AP Photo

A New York sports fan’s thoughts on how to cheer on the home team while respecting Boston.

Goat’s Head Delivered to Wrigley Field


A goat’s head addressed to Cubs owner Tom Ricketts was dropped off at Wrigley Field Wednesday afternoon.

The San Francisco Giants Are the Rodney Dangerfield of Baseball


Despite two World Series wins in three years, Neil Cohen wonders why the Giants are once again fighting for respect.

Major League Baseball and World Series Riots: The Making of a Lifelong Baseball Fan

The author's rendering, as an eight year old

Tom Burns was there with his father when his beloved Detroit Tigers won the 1984 World Series, and Detroit erupted

Watching Baseball with Dad

Braves scoreboard

Clyde McGrady explores the bond he shared with his father over a mutual love of baseball and their favorite team.

Putting it to Bed: The 2012 San Francisco Giants Postseason, Part III


Jim Jividen concludes the story of San Francisco’s surprising run to the 2012 World Series with a look at the Giants’ unlikeliest heroes.

The Best Moments in Sports: 2012

jeremy lin

Recapping the year’s best moments in sports.

Kobe Claus is Coming to Town

Kings Lakers Basketball

Yeah, maybe Sandy Koufax didn’t pitch on Yom Kippur, but everyone works holidays now. Why shouldn’t the NBA?

Putting it to Bed: The 2012 San Francisco Giants Postseason Part I


“2012 has been the best year of my life. I got married. I left a crappy job to take the best one I ever had. My baseball team won the World Series.”

The Giants Win the World Series: Our Moonlight (Graham) by the Bay Club


While still savoring the Giants’ latest World Series victory, Jim Jividen pauses to reflect on the lives of the nine men who played only one career game with the San Francisco Giants.

The History of the San Francisco Giants in the World Series


With his beloved Giants up 1-0 on the Detroit Tigers, Jim Jividen takes time to reflect on San Francisco’s track record in the World Series.