The Best Selfie Ever

Alex Chacon’s Youtube video collection of panoramic world-traveler selfies will inspire you want to plan a summer adventure.

The Burrito and the Universe

A world traveler tastes his first burrito, and gets his first lesson in American paranoia.

Where I Went on Vacation: 11/24

Where have you been?

Street Kid Play Date

The son of world travelers meets the children of the streets.

Proud to Be an American

Only by traveling abroad does Kyle Carpenter appreciate what it means to be an American.

Light Fare for the Soul

A world traveler asks: Can experiential junk food—like a boat ride to a beach resort—ever be spiritually nutritious?

The Hospitality Business

Imagine hospitality extended to one’s self: to be able to welcome all aspects of the self, all emotions, sensations and phenomena as honorable guests.

Enjoy the Ride

Atalwin has traveled the world to discover ‘the only terrain that is still relatively unexplored is the journey inwards.’

Bearing Witness in Beirut

I am starting to realize that the countries I choose to visit make it impossible not to think about conflict. Reading that sentence makes my laugh. How ignorant can a human being be? I went from Athens to Tel Aviv and from Amman to Beirut and after Beirut I will go to Baghdad via Cairo. I […]