Battle of Midway, photo 80-G-701843


Von Thompson brings out the horrors and human costs of World War II’s Pacific Theater.

Not Humming


Laura Foley uses brevity and simplicity to make a powerful impact in this prose poem.

The Year I Broke Through

The Year I Broke Through by Jacob Sundlie

High school senior and acting ace Jacob Sundlie didn’t let adversity break him. Instead, he learned to play the role of the survivor.



Von Thompson writes of the Pacific Island nation of Palau, haunted by the clash of Japanese and American forces during World War II.

A Memorial To My Father


Ben Dean shares the memory of his father on this past memorial day, and discusses part of his father’s life that had never been discussed before.


Anzio Moyan_Brenn

Taking us back to World War II, Charles Bane Jr. writes on one soldier’s life-changing moment.

A Sportsman. An Officer. And Honoring “The Greater Game”

Harcourt Dowsley2

It’s Anzac Day in Australia, the national day of remembrance. And David Packman’s grandfather, Harcourt Dowsley, is just now beginning to tell his stories of WWII.

What We Should Talk About When We Talk About Guns

when we talk about guns

Love them or hate them, chances are if you were raised in America someone in your family owned a gun. James Stafford tells his family tale of firearms, and of the event that holstered his forever.



In this excerpt, Eric Norris writes about an awkward, thoughtful conversation with his Japanese-American boyfriend, both men recalling their fathers’ roles in World War II.

Why Do Men Still Love the Film The Great Escape?

Film "The Great Escape" 1963

To mark the 70th anniversary of the mass escape from Stalag Luft III, Glen Poole examines the enduring masculine appeal of the Great Escape

The Problem With Japanese Superheroes

rising sun

A swastika isn’t an acceptable costume; the rising sun shouldn’t be either.

Watch How This Soldier’s Courageous Call Saved Lives (Video)

Watch How This Soldier's from On Being

On a dark night two weeks after D-Day, Jack Leroy Tueller silences a German sniper—in a most surprising way.



Rescue comes from unexpected hands in Gary Bouchard’s breathtaking tribute to his veteran father.

When Does a War Truly End?


Thomas Pluck believes that wars battle on until everyone touched by them is dead. And on and on they go.

Little-Known Hero of World War II Dies at 101

bob fletcher, florin, world war ii

Bob Fletcher risked a lot when, in the middle of World War II, he quit his job so he could become a farmer to help the Japanese families forced to live in internment camps.

Goodwill Returns WWII Treasure to Family of Veteran

sgt james j mckenzie, goodwill

Early last week, a box of World War II medals, awards, and mementos was discovered at a Missouri Goodwill; the owner’s family was overwhelmed to hear that they would be returned home.