What Travel Can Teach Guys About Living Life

I’m not saying that guys have to travel the world to live a good life, but if you get the opportunity, travel can teach you some invaluable life lessons. It can open you up in a way you didn’t think was possible.

Death Penalty: Is Capital Punishment Morally Justified?

A 2010 poll by Lake Research Partners found that a clear majority of voters (61%) would choose a punishment other than the death penalty for murder. So why is this punishment still an option?

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These sandwiches are sure to satisfy any appetite.

The Walking Dead is Really About the Beginning and End of the World we Live in Now

Rich Monetti draws similarities between zombies and world politics.

My Family has Been Scattering My Dad’s Ashes all Around the World for Three Years

I hope that he knows, because he would just get the biggest kick out of it.

I’m A Harvard Graduate and My Partner Is A High School Dropout

Gina Florio found that this man was not only smart, but could teach her more than any man had before.

Failure—What’s in a Word?

Raoul Wieland takes a long, hard look at failure’s negative associations and how they hinder success.

Ferguson: A Slice of the World and the World Itself

Kenneth Patricio sees #Ferguson as a microcosm of the struggles of a larger world.

8 Ways Leonardo DiCaprio Proves He Is The Wolf Of Saving Our Planet

Leonardo DiCaprio, once again stealing all of our hearts and saving the planet at the same time.

11 Pictures That Prove The World Isn’t Such A Bad Place

Dave Stopera from Buzzfeed shares 11 great pictures to restore your faith in humankind.

Is Engaging Iraq a Humanitarian Imperative or Military Folly?

World involvement in Iraq is critical to saving lives and preventing a destabilized region from erupting into full chaos with disastrous worldwide implications

Why Can’t Kid’s Music Change The World?

Jeff Bogle discusses the power behind children’s music.

Why the Warming World Deserves to Hear Your Idea

Warming Worldly™ needs to hear your voice; step up, speak up!

Don’t Go Back to Sleep: The World Desperately Needs You

How an article my wife sent me from a writer I’d never heard of changed my way of thinking. I think it will change yours, too.

Vladimir Putin Is Not The ‘Public Relations Man of the Year’

Vladimir Putin has been praised this year for his work to promote a positive image of Russia. In reality, nothing has changed.

Unexpected Love from Istanbul

Events happening on the other side of the world are much more personal when the protesters you see on T.V. are your close friends.