For The Little Boy in Me, There Definitely Were Kings of the Ring

As professional wrestling’s biggest yearly event “WrestleMania” approaches Sunday, Joe Rutland looks back fondly at a time where “sports entertainment” was a welcome diversion.

30 Seasons of Survivor vs. 30 Real Worlds v. 30 Wrestlemanias. The Ultimate Triple Threat Match.

The start of the 30th season of Survivor necessitates a pivotal pop culture analysis as we are also in the midst of the 30th season of The Real World (true story) and there have also been 30 Wrestlemanias.

Undertaker’s Streak is Over and so is My Childhood

Today I hang up my childhood like The Undertaker did his boots and relish in the good ol’ days.

A Wrestlemania Without CM Punk

N.C. Harrison laments the absence of star wrestler CM Punk from this year’s Wrestlemania lineup.

Wrestlemania XXX Preview (Special bonus: every Wrestlemania match of all time ranked!)

Wrestling expert and ESPN game show champion Jim Jividen previews Wrestlemania XXX.

When Unmanliness Was Manly: The Story of “Playboy” Buddy Rose

Historian Oliver Lee Bateman reflects on the unorthodox career of pro wrestler “Playboy” Buddy Rose.

Wrestlemania 29 Preview

Wrestling expert Jim Jividen previews Wrestlemania 29 and ranks every single Wrestlemania match in the pay-per-view’s long and storied history.

The Royal Rumble: A 30-Man Pro Wrestling Brawl Turns 25 (Part 3)

Jericho Ricardi concludes his review with Royal Rumbles of the 21st century.

2013 Royal Rumble Preview

Like pizza, even when it’s bad, the Royal Rumble is fun to consume.

The 50 Best Matches in WWF/WWE History, Part I (Plus Football Picks, Week 6!)

I’ve been watching WWF/E since Snuka came off the top of the cage; I’ve been watching since before I understood better wrestling existed, sort of like eating at McDonalds before you knew there better burgers.

After Wrestlemania, or The Taming of Daniel Bryan

The WWE takes a step into a new era, but not without paying homage to its past first

Respect: Happy Birthday, Lawrence Taylor

The football legend was born yesterday, and today seemed like a good time to show some love!

Good Morning Links

Today is Tuesday, May 24, and the Lance Armstrong story just gets less riveting by the moment. Here are some links of note today: