How Hemingway Kept His Momentum Going and You Can Too

Using “Hemingway’s Hack” to Beat the Blank Page

When “On the Verge” Turns To Abject Failure

Shawn Henfling finds himself held back by the invisible clutches of depression.

Creating Steps From Writers Block

Could you imagine waking up and being unable to speak?

The Secret to Being a Writer

What’s the best advice for authors? Ironically, it’s to stop looking for advice.

Creativity and How A Zombie Ate my Brains

Yes! A zombie must have eaten my brains, another creative metaphor for inspiration.

How to Get Out of Your Creative Rut

Creative people often go through dry spells. Wellcast helps get your ideas flowing again.

The Orgasmic Marriage

Write your own vows. Be true to yourself.

I’m Sorry, But I Love You

Andy Bodle goes for a gorgeous girl with low self esteem, and finds himself mysteriously outclassed by everyone.

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A Poet on the Writing Process

Spoon Jackson writes, “I believe art is waiting to come out when allowed the room to flow up.”

How I Quit Writing

Fed up with rejection, Tim Stobierski quits writing, and discovers that there are some things you can’t stop doing without changing who you are.

I’m Back

Josh Bowman has been away from his blog for a while. He’s back now, kicking and screaming.

Guestpost #90: Allison Foster – Ten Things I’ve Learned From Writer’s Block

Allison Foster offers her tips on dealing with writer’s block.

Walking Around Shirtless

Justin Cascio wants to know: Is it okay to show my scars?

Cutting Through Bullshit

Atalwin Pilon on keeping your word, and the times when words fail.

8 Reasons to Write For Us

Writers can’t help but write. Here’s why you should be writing for The Good Men Project.