Can We Just Stop Hurting Each Other, Please?

Cabot O’Callaghan mourns a friend who chose to walk into darkness and calls for us all to shine a little brighter.

Call For Submissions 2: Grandfathers and Former Stay-At-Home Dads

If you are a grandfather, or a former stay-at-home dad, we would love to share your story. Not a writer? No problem, we would love to interview you!

15 Things I Hate About Being a Writer

Like all the best writers, Cabot O’Callaghan has a love-hate relationship with his craft.

Remembering EL Doctorow, the Conscience of the U.S.A.

EL Doctorow — known as “one of America’s greatest novelists” — has died.

The Forgotten Story of American Writers on the Frontline of World War I

Henry James renounced his American citizenship in 1915 in response to his country’s inaction.

Call for Submissions: Building a Better Society Through Personal Action

With questionable headlines flooding the news and media everyday, GMP wants to know what you’re doing for society.

Dan Coxon: Tiny Miracles

Welcome to Portraits of Fatherhood: We’re telling the story of today’s dads.

Attention Writers: We Want More Great Sex … and Relationships Content

Call for Submissions: Love, Sex, and Relationships

All About the Holidays

A number of writers familiar and new wrote for The Good Men Project this year. Here’s a roundup of some of their contributions.

Join the Conversation: Write for Us!

The Good Men Project is looking for your stories. We want your submissions on what you know, what you’ve learned, and your experience of being a man in the 21st century.

Education Call for Submissions

Introducing The Good Men Project’s newly appointed education editor, Christian M. Lyons, and his call for submissions.

Share Your Sports Passion – Join Our Sports Writing Team

We’re growing – if you love sports, we’d love for you to write for us! Share your unique sports “take” with the millions who visit this site every month!

Going Downhill With My Father

For Mike Copperman, a family hike turned into a realization of the roles he and his father share in each other’s lives.

What’s Life Like as an Author? A Roundtable Discussion

Alexa Kocinski shares a series of questions and answers with three different authors.

7 Reasons You Should Not Read This Article

JD Roberto has a few things to say about list articles.

So Long, See You Tomorrow

Jesse Kornbluth reviews William Maxwell’s book, So Long, See You Tomorrow, and calls it “quietly brilliant”.