“Being a Father Is Being a Question”: What a New Anthology on Fatherhood Has to Say About Being a Dad

"Being a Father Is Being a Question": What a New Anthology on Fatherhood Has to Say About Being a Dad

Steve Edwards talks to Brian Gresko, the editor behind the upcoming “When I First Held You”, about literary fathers, gender and parenting, and the transformative power of becoming a dad

One Direction Rollercoaster: On Hannah Hovarth as a Writer


Sure, HBO’s breakout hit is about characters, relationships, and transitioning into adulthood, but it’s about something else: the writing life.

Finding Your Voice


Leo Babauta gives great advice to up and coming artists. Find your voice, and shout.

We’re Looking for Everyday Bloggers


If you have interest in men, have the discipline to write a post a day, and want the benefits of writing for a large, engaged and growing platform, consider joining The Good Men Project team.

Call for Bloggers: A Conversation About Men

photo by isaimoreno

Are you interested in writing about all the ways men are changing in the 21st century? Want the benefits of writing for a large, growing, engaged platform? Read on.

What I’ve Learned About Real Life From Writing Online


I’ve written over 400 articles and blogs over the past three years. It’s been great practice for my writing — and great to help me keep my ego in check too.

We’re Looking for Bloggers

Are you a blogger, or want to be one? Do you have a genuine interest in men, masculinity, or what it takes to be a good man? Join the Good Men Project!

Marriage Section: Weekly Bloggers Wanted

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Gint Aras is looking for people who understand why marriage in today’s world is a fascinating narrative. Is that you?

Bloggers, Writers, Lovers of Men and Masculinity, Unite!

Noir by Stephen Sheffield

We have pioneered a world-wide, engaging, and sometimes difficult and provocative conversation about men in the 21st century. Care to join us?

100 Words on Love: Love Doesn’t Break Your Heart

For Lovers Only, Mark Polish, How We Made Love, stills For Lovers Only, Stana Katic

…we have no business giving love a human heartbeat.

How to Become a Cocaine Addict

cocaine abuse, cocaine addiction, trying cocaine for first time, single men, sex and the single man, drug addiction

Andy Bodle tries cocaine for the first time and feels like a winner.

What Real Men Talk About

T Cooper interview, T Cooper writer, transgender men, FTM, transmen, Real Man Adventures, gender transition

Justin Cascio talks to T Cooper, author of Real Man Adventures, about writing, crying, and being a real man.

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A Poet on the Writing Process

solitude, writing lifestyle, #iamwriting, zen of writing

Spoon Jackson writes, “I believe art is waiting to come out when allowed the room to flow up.”

How I Quit Writing

writers, I am writing, men who write, poets, men who write poetry, literary men, literary life, quitting, writer's block, rejection letters, why I write

Fed up with rejection, Tim Stobierski quits writing, and discovers that there are some things you can’t stop doing without changing who you are.

My Version of Our Story

writing about affairs, telling secrets, writing about other people, writing memoir, writing from life

The moment that we engage with others, we become characters in their story, says writer Alyssa Royse.

Open Thread: How Well Do You Separate Art and Artist?


You love the work; you hate the person who made it. How do you navigate that?