How Weekly Letters Saved My Relationship

While I dare not claim that regular letter-writing could solve all issues in a romantic relationship, this habit does help to mitigate many problems.

Poetry as Practice in the Preservation of Life

Creativity can be a support for men when their life starts to fall apart.

The Evolved Man and His Pen

10 simple writing practices for men that will boost your creativity and mindfulness


Ed Madden juxtaposes gender, race, and paint samples in this surprising prose poem.

A Good Day to Die: Remembering Jim Harrison

A master at storytelling has passed, but his books will continue to give insight into his life.

How to Fix Your Dating Failures

Dating is hard. Dr. Nerd Love has some fool-proof strategies to fix your love life.

100 Articles: What I learned About Relationships And Marriage Writing For The Good Men Project

The good the bad and the ugly. Steven Lake explores two years of thinking and writing about relationships – often his own.

Fatherhood and Writing Changed My Life: The Road To Finding My Passion

It’s always a great thing when someone discovers their passion. It’s an even greater thing when they discover their passion is fatherhood. — I have always wanted to be a writer. Since the time I was a kid I loved to read, and that love translated into a passion for writing that I dabbled in […]

The Best Way to Spark Your Creativity

If you want to be more creative, seek out new experiences. For me, it’s been substitute teaching.

You Probably Should Not Be Reading This

Let’s be honest. You’re really just procrastinating.

Write For Us: Your Story Matters

Your story matters. Whether you think your life has been a total drag or you think no one will care. You have something to share with the world. We’d like it in writing, please.  — There are certain people who seem to live a life that’s worth writing a memoir or a making a movie […]

The Benefits of Mindfulness for Men Who Can’t Meditate

Decrease your stress, level your moods, strengthen your relationships and boost your immune system.

Don’t Worry About Building Your Platform (Focus on This Instead)

Despite what the experts say, there is no perfect formula.


Julia Bobkoff reveals the private tragedy of William Faulkner’s life.

Don’t Date a Man

When you read a “Date a Man Who …” article they aren’t asking you to date a man.

Men, You are More Important Than The Tools You Use

Matthew Sweet reflects on how what we do is more important than the tools we use to do it.