Top 5 Pieces of Advice For Having A Sex Life That Doesn’t Suck


Ever wondered what a sex therapist REALLY thinks is the best advice? Vanessa Martin shares her inside scoop on initiation, rejection, and innovation.

Are You Good At Being Deferent?


xoJane’s Mandy Stadtmiller has got me thinking about who we show respect to and why.

Yet Another Teenage Boy Is Struggling With the Normalization of His Rape

AP Photo/Alberto E. Rodriguez

Rape has never been about seduction. It has always been and will always be about power.

I Married A Military Man

I'm at my proudest walking around town with Ryan in his dress blues.

Cary Carr understands that she made a big sacrifice when she married Ryan. He understands that, too.

“Both enjoyed first date or never again = Split the check.”

Meet 4 coffee

This comment by Kitti on the post Ladies, It’s Time You Asked a Man on a Date

We’re Here, We’re Trans, And We’re In Your Pop Culture

Chaz Bono, Candis Cayne

Will 2014 be the the trans tipping point in pop culture?

The Anti-Intellecutalism Debate: ‘Ascended Blacks’ vs ‘N****rs’

John Ridley - AP Photo

Although the ascended Blacks ideology that we need to play the game of respectability politics to achieve success is ridiculous, very few Blacks really understand what we need. Lincoln Anthony Blades breaks down the issue.

How Not To Be A Jerk To A Trans Person


Gabe Ramsay explains the basics of how to be respectful to trans people, including to never out people without their permission. Just don’t do it.

Do You Really Think Testicles Have Anything To Do With Character?


If we’re going to assign virtues to random body parts, can’t we come up with some more inclusive options?

“Mom, Why is Everyone Here White?” What My Son Knows About Race That I Didn’t

rebecca carroll crop

Rebecca Carroll was adopted by white parents, and saw the world through their eyes. Now, as the mother of a son who is black, she is seeing the reality of race in a whole new way.

I Am a Gigolo


What’s life like for a guy getting paid to service women? Vin Armani, in his own words.

Police Officer Shoots Restrained, Compliant Teen: Why Cops Should Not Be First Responders in Mental Health Crises

Policing has improved greatly since 1911, but it has a long way to go. 

Photo: Bruce R

70 seconds. That’s what it took to take a defusing situation to a blood-soaked tragedy. What happened?

Can We End The War Between Parent and Non-Parent Friends?

grumpy baby is still adorable

Amy Westervelt calls for a truce between the child-having and the child-free and offers some helpful tips for mending fences.

I Was a Make-a-Wish Kid and My Wish Was as Great as Batkid’s

Me, running out to the mound.

Eric Leslie writes an open letter to his 6 year-old self about dreaming big, heart disease, and throwing the first pitch at a Pirates game.

10 Reasons Reading Rob Delaney’s Book Will Make Your Life Better

This man will make you laugh.

Rob Delaney is more than a hairy Twitter King in a green speedo, he’s the author of a legitimately great book.

How Not to Be a Jerk on Black Friday


Take it as someone who’s worked retail for many years – you’re probably being a jerk to sales associates without even knowing it.