Rejected Proposals: Stories Wanted


Have you ever been led on to believe you were going to get married only to have your proposal rejected? The Good Men Project wants your story.

Watching Baseball with Dad

Braves scoreboard

Clyde McGrady explores the bond he shared with his father over a mutual love of baseball and their favorite team.

Baseball Writer Chooses Love of His Family Over Love of the Game

Cactus League, spring training

Beat writers for Major League Baseball face work-life conflicts that pit dream jobs against dream families

Batter Up


My girlfriend’s 15 year old kid had played a year of Little League and hadn’t picked up a bat or glove since. This was an opportunity for us to bond, but the odds were stacked against us.

My Long Education in the Meaning of Gratitude

Screen Shot 2012-11-12 at 12.16.39 PM

After facing his own serious illness, Eirik Rogers sends up gratitude to the king of grace-at-the-end: Lou Gehrig.

Only Real Fans Sit in the Upper Deck

upper deck

Rising ticket prices, Aaron Gordon writes, have created a class divide among fans.

Disastrous Writing About Architecture

Cowboy Stadium

Aaron Gordon doesn’t agree with Peter Richmond’s take on the decline of American stadium architecture. At all.

Man-to-Man with Dave Winfield

Hall of Famer Dave Winfield on manly manicures, accidentally killing a seagull, and making a difference on behalf of his mom. (Oh, and the All-Star game, too.)