Avoid Sports Injuries with Stephen Arroyo’s PT Tips for Families

steven a

Stephen Arroyo talks preventive strategies for injuries.

‘Sup With Brogamats, Brah?

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 1.19.09 PM (1)

Army guys doing yoga? Burrito yoga bags? Here’s the inside scoop on Brogamats.

Is Yoga a Sport?


Nicki Doane challenges what we consider a sport and shows how yoga can benefit all men.

How Old Would You Be If You Didn’t Know How Old You Are?

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Some of us want to live forever, some of us will be happy if we make it to 80, but I would bet that none of us want to live without a decent quality of life. How are we going to get it? We have an opportunity every morning we get out of bed to stop, take a breath of fresh air and realize we’re lucky to be alive. Keep the attitude of gratitude, it always helps.

Yoga Helps War Veterans With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

army yoga

Yoga can aid mental well-being but can it help with post-traumatic stress disorder?

In Crossfit as with Life: Balance is Key


Andrew Van der Meer, personal trainer and crossfit enthusiast, shares his experiences with the mind-body connection as it applies to both his workouts and life.

What Path are We on?

What Path dno1967b:Flickr

They say that everybody needs a role model…but why? What path will you choose?

How Do You Yoga?


If yoga is for everyone, then why are so many people arguing about the what the “right” yoga is?

Erasing a History of Violence with Yoga

maximum yoga

Nathan Friedkin explains why he believes yoga, combined with sports training, may be the key to ending violence among young athletes.

Yoga Gains Traction Behind Razor Wire

Yoga Gains Traction Matt From London:Flickr

Could the mindfulness of yoga be a key to prison reform and reduced crime rates?

How to Love Like a God

Have Sex Like  a God by Zawezome

A man’s guide for developing self love, consent, and respect to take sex to the divine level.

Yoga, It’s a Dude Thing

How yoga benefits men  comedy_nose/Flickr

A short daily yoga practice can help men create better mind/body awareness and promote prostrate health.

Tantra Punk Turns Fighters Into Lovers

Tantra punk Pink Sherbet Photography:Filckr

Ben Lawson, musician and activist, teaches empowerment through sacred sexuality.

Can Yoga Build a Balanced Man?

Can We Build a Balanced Man? by Sister72/Filckr

Competitive sports might lack an important aspect of overall health and wellness. Enter yoga.

Eradicate the Instinctive Weaknesses of Human Beings

BKS Iyengar

“You want to be a better, intelligent man. I want also to be a better, intelligent man.”

5 Myths About Men Living Heart-Centered Lives

man meditate

Bettina Goodwin debunks common misconceptions about men who live mindful, authentic, heart-centered lives.