5 Myths About Men Living Heart-Centered Lives

man meditate

Bettina Goodwin debunks common misconceptions about men who live mindful, authentic, heart-centered lives.

Yoga is Good for Men, and for Chihuahuas Too (Video)

Yoga is good for men. And for Chihuahuas too.

Watch this man practicing yoga with his little dog.

Indie Spiritualist: A No BS Exploration of Spirituality (A Review)


Spirituality for those who know there is something bigger than ourselves, but are tried of institutions, labels, price tags, and fluffiness.

Why This Man is Happier Than Most of Us


Anne Clendening wishes she could trade places for a day with this man. Here’s why.

Going From Feeble to Fit Takes Far Less Than We’ve Been Conditioned to Believe


Movement maverick Rannoch Donald on how doing a little, often, becomes a lot.

How Anyone Can Have the Perfect Body

Choose to love your body.

Dillan DiGiovanni is a coach with some new advice about having the perfect body. It will definitely surprise you.

Broga: The Male Ego Obstacle Course


Sadie Chanlett-Avery goes easy on the guys with fluff-free yoga.

10 Ways to Love Your Life (First Installment)

How to Be Happy, Jackson Bliss, Good Men Project, 10 Ways to be Happy, being in love, couples, joy, happiness

Happiness is always a choice. Jackson Bliss breaks down the first 10 ways to personal happiness

Steve Atlas and the New Breed Athlete


Steve Atlas on the small details that create the big picture when it comes to health and fitness

Why I Quit and Never Looked Back

man yoga photo by

Orin Hahn describes listening to the voice within, and making the decision to walk away.

How to Stay Safe in a Yoga Class and 3 Signs You’re Not.

Yoga vid Dšdsklippan

Here are quick ways to spot a dangerous yoga class whether you are in your first class or you have been practicing for years.

How to Form a Habit that Sticks


Tweet The bad ones are easy, but adding a good habit might not be as hard as you think. — Why does it sometimes feel like it’s effortless to let negative habits creep up, but when we want to change them — or add a new healthy habit—it feels nearly impossible? A big part of […]

Why Might Today’s Man Want to Practice Today’s Yoga?

Army Yoga

If it’s good enough for the Army and the Marines, what’s stopping today’s man from getting into yoga?

Let Go of Your Six-Pack Abs Obsession

rock hard abs, abdominal muscle work, male body image, men's health, Body Wisdom

Overworking your abdominal muscles? You may be doing more harm than good to your health and appearance.

What Happens When Our Emotions Stay in Our Bodies

men psychology, men wellness

It’s never too late to address unexpressed emotion stored in the body as pain, tightness, and discomfort.

“I am not wearing yoga pants to oppress your sexuality or tempt you into sin.”


Julie Gillis says that her choice of pants are her choice, and hers alone, and that the uptick in these stretchy, wonderful pants in culture is not even about anyone but the wearers. It’s about comfort, happiness, and health.