Six Years On: The Enduring Influence of J.D. Salinger

How J. D. Salinger’s writing first influenced the world and how it continues to do so now.

Lessons Learned From The Assembly Line

As the son of a front office white collar worker, Jon Trybulec didn’t expect his job would be on the assembly line. But he learned much more than he could have in the office.

One of the First Bands I Truly Loved Is Breaking Up

Christian Clifton laments hearing the news of the impending break up of one of his all time favorite bands; Anberlin.

My Addiction to Fiction

17-year-old Ernesto Ponce had never enjoyed reading until the semester he was forced to spend an hour a day actually reading whatever he wanted.

Denim Day USA 2013 and the Need for NO MORE Excuses

We’ve got a lot of work to do, so it’s time to stand up, wear denim with a purpose, and work together to end sexual violence.

What’s Cooler than Cool? Dads Writing for Their Kids

Interview with the guys behind Daddy Cool, an anthology of dads writing YA stories and essays targeted at their kids

The Hunger Games or Starving for Stories?

With the movie adaption of “The Hunger Games” in theaters, John Dwyer wants to discuss the original idea for the story.

Male Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health

Trigger warning for brief mentions of rape and abuse. I recently came across (possibly via Scarleteen) this awesome report about male adolescent sexual health within the primary care setting. According to the study, male sexual health is quite often overlooked within the clinical setting. Pediatricians are three times more likely to take sexual histories from female […]

Movies: Trailer for The Hunger Games Leaves You Wanting More

A look at the new sci-fi vision is remarkably pale, but entertaining nonetheless.

Movies: Lenny Kravitz (@lennykravitz) and Amandla Stenberg Star in The Hunger Games

The famous singer and the child actor are showcased in new single character posters for the young adult novel adaptation.