When I Was a Boy: A Call For Submissions

What was your life like when you were young?

Dear Stupid Young People of the Entitled Generation, Absorb This!

A word of advice to the younger generation…from all older generations (and then some).

This Personal Tragedy Gave Me a Mission to Save Our Youth

I knew the importance of these challenges, but his death prompted me to do something about it.

Teaching My Brother and Other Boys About Patriarchies, Masculinities and Being a Man

“We wanted him to be proud of who he was and of his ethnic background, while having agency to discover and express his thoughts and feelings.”


Dean Kostos uses the tight repetition of the ghazal form to create a powerful meditation on boyhood and growth.

Why I’ve Learned to Let Go of My Ego

It was hard, but letting go of my ego changed my whole approach to life.

Transgender Kids Share What it Means to Be Accepted and Loved

Should any child have to ask their parents for love? Isn’t that part of the deal?

Why Donald Trump Makes Me Appreciate the Men in My Life

Yasmina Blackburn talks about Donald Trump’s candidacy as the next US President, and how it has helped to shape her view of men as a Muslim living in America.

Living Life: When Mental Illness Clashes with the Prospects of Youth

Steve Colori reflects on how his diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder clouded his view of the world as a young man, and how he chose to respond.

Lessons From My Daughter’s First Basketball Season

Sports provide a great venue for bumps, bruises and life lessons, even when they get started at a young age.

The Story of a Lost and Missing Girl

How the story of one missing girl becomes all too real for this man.

Rest Easy My Brother

Learning about the loss of a good friend through Facebook is rough. But for one, it triggered a necessary change.

The Whole World in Your Hands: A Message of Youth and Power

What does it take to mold the future? Bill and Melinda Gates believe teenagers hold more than just the key.

Steve Grand Launches Music Video Celebrating Queer-Gender Kids

“We Are the Night” celebrates transgender and other ostracized youth with dance and celebration.

The Restaurant of Life

Life doesn’t always turn out like you expect.