Ever Wonder About Sex in Space?

Ever wondered what sex in space would be like? Well so have fans of StarTalk! Listen to Neil as he describes what would be different and what would be the same.

Bill Murray on Being Obnoxious

Because Bill Murray’s commentary on anything is always the best.

Beautiful Ex-Astronaut Music Video: Beyond the Terra

We all know about the sky above us. Who knows about the sky below?

How Deadpool Spent Halloween

Put Deadpool together with a bunch of kids dressed as super-heroes, and this happens.

How to Control Things Using Your Brain (and Open-Source Hardware)

Science is allowing us to do some amazing things. This video will blow your mind.

Mustache-a-day: Soul Patches, Explained

This guy clearly doesn’t like soul patches. What’s your take?

Coach Won’t Stop Leading Prayers Despite Punishment

The conversation continues as people grapple with how to appropriately express their religion in school and work environments.

Aladdin Magic Carpet Prank

It’s not everyday you see your favorite disney character riding down the street on his magic carpet…

Adrenaline Rush

When all you need for an adrenaline rush is to get pulled over when you have dark skin.

The Dancing Lumberjack

When a lumberjack starts dancing with a log… it’s pure brilliance!

Seal Jumps On Guy’s Boat And Makes A Friend

Who doesn’t love a cute, cuddly seal?

How Will Education Be Different in 100 Years?

What and how will children be learning 100 years from now?

Is Public Humiliation of Kids Funny? Jimmy Kimmel Banks On It

Michael Lombardi takes issue with video pranks made popular by TV personality Jimmy Kimmel. What are we teaching our children by making them cry, and then taping it for the world to see, and laugh at?

Matthew Ajibade Didn’t Have to Die. Neither Did the Others

Having mental health issues should not increase your chances of dying a violent death at the hands of police. But the statistics show that it does.

What are Universal Human Rights?

What are our universal human rights? Benedetta Berti breaks it down for us.

Is ‘The Flip Side” For Real?

Are men and women opposite sides of a coin or are the stereotypes outdated?