Boys Like to Bang on Things, and This Kid’s Got a Beat

Boys Like to Bang by Dan Carollo

A 10-year-old boy finds a most unusual way to make music. Are you ready for some good, clean fun?

An Unforgettable Father-Daughter Dance

An Unforgettable Father by Kenzie Carey

Watch as this dad takes some extra steps to help his daughter enjoy her dance pageant.

Ever Wondered Why Driving Through Water is a Bad Idea?


I’m sure we’ve all been told never to drive through water, but maybe the “why” was never explained. Thanks to YouTube user Skotty Kilmer, the answer is clear.

10 Life Hacks You Need This Summer


From peeling a mango to ridding your kitchen of fruit flies, these 10 life hacks will make your life just a little easier this summer.

Hah! Surprise Babies in the 115,000 Volt Substation

baby birds

Finding all kinds of cuteness, in the most amazing places.

A Rare Look Inside the Mind of George R. R. Martin (Video)


One fan’s humorous take on how the series A Song of Fire and Ice was written.

What’s Awesome About This Guy In Britney Spears Videos


Dillan DiGiovanni thinks this guy who replaced himself in Britney Spears videos is really awesome!

The Shark In This Video Was 3 Feet Under My Toes

Brad coder

Brad Coder was thankful he didn’t see the Great White Shark beneath his feet until he looked at the video.

Elliot Rodger and the Myth of Sexual Validation

Elliot Rodger and the Myth

Mark Radcliffe deconstructs the disempowerment of rejection and reminds men that scoring sex won’t solve all their problems.

One of the Most Important Conversations of the 21st Century. How Can You Join? Let Us Count the Ways.

conversation photo by maassimo_riserbo

The Good Men Project is the only large-scale international conversation about what it means to be a good man in the 21st century. There are plenty of ways to join in.

Kids React to Old Computers

kids react

Kids these days… They can tweet, text, Facebook, and Instagram with their eyes closed. But watch these kids try to figure out a 1970′s era computer. Now we feel old! —

10 Incredible Facts about the Galaxy


The Galaxy is a complex, mysterious, and captivating concept. Here are ten fascinating facts about the Milky Way that will blow your mind.

This Guy Creates an Animated World around Him with a Marker and Cellophane


In this amazing and captivating video YouTube user Hombre_McSteez uses his iPhone 5 and old school animation techniques to create a cute and creative creature in everyday situations.

Best Mash-Up Ever: Game of Thrones and Frozen

game of thrones-ap

Just when you thought you couldn’t deal with one more rendition of “Let it go.”

May The Force Be With You, Motherf*cker! ‘Star Wars’ Reimagined As A Tarantino Film (Video)


A young movie fan created a ‘Star Wars’ trailer influenced by Quentin Tarantino’s aesthetic. The result? The best ‘Star Wars’ trailer ever.

The Joys of Watching Dads Lip-Syncing “Frozen” With Their Daughters

The Joys of Watching Dads Lip-Syncing "Frozen" With Their Daughters

Real dads step up and help their daughters whenever the need arises, even if it’s in a duet from the “Frozen” soundtrack