Redefining Codependency and Understanding Self-Love Deficit Disorder

If you’re the one who’s always giving in a relationship and hoping your partner will start to appreciate you, this video will change your life.

YouTube Needs a “Donate” Button

The Internet pretty much forces musicians into poverty; if consumers are given the chance to pay for quality play, that could change.

The Path to Freedom Is Through Risk

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Why Being a Dad Is the Greatest Thing Ever

Mike Berry hears the “Dad Song” and realizes he has the best job in the world.

How to Climb a Coconut Tree

As explained by superhuman polynesian dude.

Shaq Tried to Go ‘Undercover’ as a Lyft Driver but Wasn’t Very Convincing

Shaq is miserable at accents and singing, but he makes a good point that “Kazam” is an unforgettable film.

The One Thing You Need for a Successful Relationship

Ross Rosenberg reveals that marriage therapy won’t work unless you have this.

John Oliver Did a Good Thing and It Went Viral

Whether by design or just because it is who you are, creating positive viral content can be exciting. But does it create long-term impact?

Cop Pulls Over His Own Wife for 10 Month Sentence

This dad pulls over his wife with a message for the world.

Guy Goes Full ‘The Martian,’ Builds Himself a Sweet Potato Patch with Only Primitive Tools

If and when the nuclear apocalypse arrives, seek out the guy behind the Primitive Technology YouTube channel in the aftermath, seeing as he’ll be the only one who knows how to survive.

Getting Back in Shape—Duke Fightmaster Style

Just trick yourself into it—running, yoga, and getting back in shape—just put on your jogging shorts and go.

It’s a Dad-Off! Dude Dad Vs. Dad Vs. Brother

Dude Dad Taylor Calmus faces off with his dad and brother in this winner-takes-all competition.

Never Break Up With a Poet

Because you know what they’re going to say…

This Pneumatic Post Driver is Simple and Brilliant

Driving posts for fences is a pain, and this automatic pneumatic tool makes it painless.

Join Us In Changing the Conversation About Men and Masculinity in the 21st Century

The Good Men Project is the only large-scale international conversation about what it means to be a good man in the 21st century. There are plenty of ways to join in.

Meat Eaters in the Wild

Stumbling upon an alligator, eating an alligator…