Misophonia: The Terror of Listening to My Son Eat

Misophonia: The Terror of Listening to My Son Eat

Zach Rosenberg didn’t know why he’d get irrationally angry while listening to his family eating until he learned that his reaction was being triggered by a very real neurological condition

Five Reasons Why Honest Sex is Awesome Sex


Zach Rosenberg shares five reasons why it’s best to be open with your partner in bed.

Fathers Stress Less Than Moms When Thinking About Family Because Science


Zach Rosenberg looks into recent findings that indicate dads are generally mellower than moms when it comes to family stress.

10 Reasons You Should Keep Your Relationship Hot


Zach Rosenberg’s ten favorite benefits of having a sexy marriage.

100 Words on Love: A Sunday, in Bed

Zach Rosenberg and son

It’s incredible to me that you’re a little person, a real human being made from parts of me.

What Dads Really Want For Father’s Day

photo by andrec

Fourteen dads make a wish list for Father’s Day that ranges from the fantastic to the absurd. Sadly, no one wants a necktie.

The Stir: 10 of the Best Dad Bloggers

dad, kids, father, fathers day

We wanted to give a shout-out to The Stir and CafeMom for acknowledging The Good Men Project on their top ten list!

The Modern Dad: Hanging Out With Dad Bloggers From Across the Internet

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Just in time for Father’s Day, The Good Men Project co-hosts a Google Hangout with Google and Dads and Editors from Mashable, Esquire, NYC Dads, and more.

The Love My Wife Needs From Me

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 8.59.53 AM

Zach Rosenberg learned that the key to a better sex life was unlocking the spark he and his wife have always shared.

Making Love All Day Long

Durex, Get Closer Go Further, intimacy, married sex, zach rosenberg, good men project

Zach Rosenberg may be a married father of a preschooler, but he and his wife don’t let their sex life suffer. What’s his trick?

A Father-Son Talk About Rape and Rehtaeh Parsons

Good Men Project, Reteah Parsons, rape, teaching consent, Zach Rosenberg

How can we help prevent sexual assault in the future? Teach every child not to rape. Zach Rosenberg and his son are starting early

Rihanna’s a Daughter and a Human and Loves a Man…And We’re Surprised

r and cb

Zach Rosenberg doesn’t judge Rihanna for going back to Chris Brown, but her situation reminds him of the importance of fathers in their kids’ lives.

Army Sergeant Dad, Terry Achane, Reunited With Daughter That Wife Gave Up for Adoption Without Consent

terry-achane (500x368) (488x359)

United States Army Drill Sergeant Terry Achane, the father whose wife put up their baby for adoption without his knowledge or approval, has his daughter back.

‘Happy Wife, Happy Life?’ How about ‘Happy Spouse, Happy House’ Instead?

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Zach Rosenberg believes the cliché “happy wife, happy life” is a terrible mantra to live by.

Three Rules For Fighting with Your Spouse This Holiday Season

strangling statues

Zach Rosenberg hopes you married couples are fighting out there. After all, it’s a good sign.

My Racist 3-Year-Old

racist 3 year old

Zach Rosenberg tries to figure out how to explain race to his son, without teaching him to identify people as “others”.