5 Things About Women That Make Men Fall (In Love)

The sometimes smart men at The Good Men Project share advice. Today, one of those guys dishes on the wonderful things about women that drive men crazy. In a good way.

In Defense of Manic Pixie Dream Girls and the People Who Love Them

N.C. Harrison attempts to redefine a hackneyed trope while coming to terms with his own masculinity.

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See She & Him’s remix of this classic but slightly creepy Christmas song.

New Images of Men on New Girl

Engaging, non-stereotypical images of men… on a sitcom? Heather McLendon was pleasantly surprised.

A Valentine’s video

Hi all, Here’s a video I made for Valentine’s Day with my special lady and some great editing from Dan Goodbaum. I think it’s kind of cute and sad, so I’m sharing it. It’s a parody. Obvs. Enjoy. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FHVv9Xn-Co]

‘The Hendricks Syndrome’: Fall TV Returns to the ’60s, When Gender Roles Were Less Messy

The producers of “Pan Am” and “The Playboy Club” risk paying tribute to these specific, unequal gender roles in a way that may contest our country’s recent strides toward equality.