The Internet Needs A New Pair Of Pants

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  1. Was reading SmartPlanet today and noticed I am not the only person who believes our energy requirements to power our connected IP networks are becoming an issue worthy of note. Despite the naysayers who promote the idea we will always find cheaper ways of doing things or our “economies of scale” will reduce the overall cost, the issue isn’t that we will, but when we will, how we will and ultimately how long will it take? Most major metropolises lose water in the same fashion, in a year a city like Los Angeles will lose more water in leaks than some entire nations will have to drink. In a world where energy and water are in easy abundance, it’s easy to say, ‘we’ll get around to it’ but I have noticed often, by the time we get around to it, it has become a crisis that will force use to make decisions that could have been better made with more time and planning. Two things that are always in short supply in a crisis. Read the article at:


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