Ten things I’ve learned from the missteps of Susan G. Komen For The Cure

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  1. My disdain for the Susan G Komen foundation is unimaginable. People think I’m insensitive but it has become a big business more than a charitable organization.

    • Taking issue with the actions of Susan G. Komen does not mean that you aren’t in favour of raising awareness and funding around breast cancer research. I also have issues with PETA; doesn’t mean I’m against animal rights.

  2. Excellent post. Thank you for sharing. I can already hear people saying it’s wrong to speak out against this organization…as if doing so makes one unsporting of all efforts for a cure. As if anyone would be.

    Anyhow, great blog! Glad I found it!

    • Thanks so much! I am absolutely all for raising $ for Breast Cancer research, but there is also a code of ethics we have to follow in the charity world. Thanks for the post… :)

  3. You should be sure to check out Pink Ribbons, Inc., a documentary about the pink ribbon movement and its links with the coporate world.


  4. You make some good points but I disagree with two:
    1. $450,000 isn’t a crazy salary to pay an ED at a $135,000,000 organization. It is definitely on the high end, but given the size and complexity of the org, it is reasonable.
    2. A 21% fundraising and admin rate is reasonable for a nonprofit.
    I would also qualify your point ‘I believe very strongly that you must keep your own beliefs separate from the important work that you do.” Not in every instance, and maybe not in a lot of instances. We get into nonprofits because we are passionate about the work. But I would agree that you shouldn’t force everyone to agree with every part of your worldview in order to work with them.

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