Travel Poems From My Dad: Delaware River Sunrise

Delaware River

Josh Bowman is sharing his father’s poetry all week. Today, Delaware River Sunrise.


Note: this week I am publishing a travel poetry series, all written by my dad. This is his book. Buy it if you like poems (you can also email my dad directly). Next week, I’m publishing a series from my mom. Stay tuned.
Delaware River Sunrise
(between Benjamin Franklin and Walt Whitman Bridges – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

 Waking up to a gathering of yellow, orange, blue and white cloud cover,

I watch this windswept river come alive.

As though it is Christmas,

an old flat barge harboured mid-water

between two twinned light green bridges

is highlighted by a vivid leftover glow

from last night’s yellow lighting.


This meandering, shimmering magic body displaying

a nautical scene featuring a superannuated greying battleship,

now graces Penn’s Landing under an expanding pink sun.


Image courtesy of Kent Bowman.

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