Travel Poems From My Dad: Vuvuzela Blues


Josh Bowman is sharing his father’s poetry all week. Today, Vuvuzela Blues.


Note: this week I am publishing a travel poetry series, all written by my dad. This is his book. Buy it if you like poems (you can also email my dad directly).
Vuvuzela Blues
(South Africa)

Listen to the roar of the Vuvuzelas

emanating from televised soccer games,

crying out for the suffering multitudes

whose own cries are not heard by the state –

a state that still represses its underclass.


Iconic “mamma cooks” are noted by their absence

from this bizarre soccer circus –

a circus fed instead by international purveyors

of mass-produced, imported faux foods.


Are we surprised to hear the Vuvuzelas

speaking up for those who can’t?


—Photo markhillary/Flickr


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