Why I Didn’t Go To Your Show (And Why You Probably Won’t Go To Mine)

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Josh Bowman is a professional fundraiser, story-teller, comedian, and blogger. He has worked and consulted in Vancouver, New York, and now Toronto for almost a decade. Josh improvises around Toronto, including regular shows with Opening Night Theatre, and also blogs for the Huffington Post. You can email Josh or follow him on Twitter. If you want to submit a guestpost or know more about Josh, check this post and this post out first.


  1. Emily Schooley says:

    Right there with you on all of those. I want to get out and support other people’s work – and do when I can – but sometimes I’m just broke/tired/busy/depressed or any of the other above.

    And despite working in the arts, I still don’t see a lot of live entertainment, partly because sometimes I need downtime away from it. I also know how much it sucks to have a low-energy audience or people who are texting and checking email throughout, and don’t want to be That Girl.

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