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  1. It’s risky, using the word ‘good’. But I think it work’s really well here. My brother, father and I are on the edge of setting our second trip together, just the three of us. The set-up, we all fly to a town with a really great steak house and talk about the stuff we never get to deal with in our daily 5-10 minute phone calls. It’s up to me to set the next date. I am definitely going to send them both copies of this book before we go–lest we need more fodder…

  2. You guys are the best! Thank you for having the cajones to be candid about being Real Men, Real Fathers and in other words: REAL HEROES!
    I am going to promote your book everywhere I go online.
    Love and kisses, Lee Tracy
    Find me on facebook at [email protected]

  3. Reason No. 1: That’s a great-looking palm on the front.

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