#39: The Music Man

#39: The Music Man

It’s a Thursday night, he’s been singing for four hours with no break. He packs up his gear and heads home. It’s 2 am, he quietly slips in the door sure not to wake anyone. Morning comes way too soon as he pours himself a cup of coffee and prepares for the day. It’s only 7:00 am. He wakes the girls by singing songs they’ve come to expect every school morning. The best way to start their day, they say. He makes funny faces out of pancakes, creates amazing pony tails and fills lunches, being careful to include notes from Daddy.

May I introduce you to my husband, Joe Merrick, an amazing person, husband, father and gifted musician.

Joe’s had music in his soul probably since before he was even born. He writes incredibly moving songs and sings with soul and passion. He is also a loyal friend, a listening ear, and a warm embrace to anyone who needs it. He is a dad who loves his daughters with more passion than any other man I have ever known. He is a warm, affectionate husband, and a man devoted to his family.

I write this because it’s not often, okay practically never, that you see a music man who is able to balance it all: moving people through his music, giving all of himself to his loyal fans and his family, and still able to find some creative time to keep himself grounded, inspired and true to himself.

I know, like many aspiring artists, he had plans to travel the world and be a famous musician someday, but plans change. Different paths are created. For that I am grateful.

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