#41: Words

#41: Words

Something had always been different about him. It was hard for him to talk about anything, even simple things like wanting to get clean. The inability to communicate verbally made him frustrated. Sometimes it all just bottled up inside of him and came rushing out in tears and anger and fists.

Though, he kept trying, kept smiling, and made little inches of progress on his own. When he got stuck we were always there with the tools to help him out. It had been years in the works but he finally was able to put words to his feelings and he began to talk about all of those feelings.

One day he approached his mother in the kitchen, where she was struggling with life’s problems and taking it out on the dishes. He stood there looking for a few moments, which is not an uncommon for a boy who was so bright but struggled to talk.

“Mom. I love you randomly,” he said and wrapped his little arms around her. Definitely the most beautiful words she had heard all day.

—Photo ktylerconk/Flickr


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