100 Words on Love: Stings Like a Bee

My mother

100 Words on Love, by Allan Mott

My mother used to cry every time she saw Muhammad Ali.

It was the sight of the world’s mightiest man trapped in a body he could no longer fully control that did it to her. The knowledge that the mind and spirit that once transfixed the world and earned him the title of The Greatest now had to struggle to express itself in the smallest ways. It wasn’t right and it wasn’t fair and so she cried.

And now that she’s gone, I think of her tears and I cry whenever I see Muhammad Ali too.


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About Allan Mott

Allan Mott was once accused of being a narcissistic goth lesbian by a disgruntled Amazon reviewer. That pretty much sums up his writing career (which includes 12 and 1/2 books and frequent contributions to such sites as XOJane, XOJaneUK, Canuxploitation, Bookgasm and Flick Attack,). His most personal writing can be found at VanityFear.com, where he uses the subject of B-Movies to mostly talk about boobs and stuff. Tweet him on the Twitter at @HouseofGlib.


  1. And your mother’s legacy lives on in the tears of all of us who read these words.

  2. I continue to find it amazing how much can be said in 100 words.

  3. What made him decide to call himself “The Greatest”, boxing, is what turned him into the shambling, mumbling “punch drunk” shell of the man he once was.

    • Thanks Mathew! It was always a mystery to me. Do you have any insights on the wetness of water and hotness of fire that might also be of interest?

  4. And now I’m crying thinking about you crying thinking about your mom.

  5. This is a lovely tribute to your mother and her kind heart. <3

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