A Family Law Attorney on Gratitude

Adversity fosters gratitude.

Gratitude might seem an unlikely topic for a family law attorney, but it is a theme that has been reinforced through my work with men and fathers. The majority of my legal practice focuses on helping fathers navigate through the difficult waters of divorce and custody issues. It can be heavy stuff and has the potential to leave some jaded.

But instead of becoming jaded, I have developed a deep sense of gratitude for the men who come to me in what is often their darkest hour. Working with men and fathers struggling with the changes that accompany the dissolution of their marriage has given me a unique perspective on the strength of the human spirit.

I have been practicing law for many years and as the managing attorney at Goldberg Jones, I spend time with almost every client that walks through our door. What I overwhelmingly see in our clients is the desire to do the right thing.  The fathers that we work with want to be involved and active dads. They understand how important they are to their kids and how important their kids are to them. It is a symbiotic relationship that they are desperately trying to protect. Our clients paint a very different picture of fatherhood than the deadbeat absentee that is frequently proliferated. For these fathers that affirm the paternal relationship is one that should be cultivated and valued, I am grateful.

I am grateful for the men and fathers that I serve, not only because they demonstrate how powerful the father child relationship can be, but also because they remind me daily of the kind of strength that can emerge when faced with adversity.


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About Ken Alan

Ken Alan is the managing attorney at Goldberg Jones, a Seattle family law firm focused on protecting the rights of men and fathers. Ken is dedicated to ensuring men have an equal voice and dedicated advocate within the family court system in Washington State.

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