Anthony Weiner: We’re Done, Go Home and Get a Life

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  1. Agreed, you get one shot for forgiveness. He’s drug this on, drug his wife through yet another mess – telling of itself, and has shown through his actions that he is not fit to lead. His personal life has illustrated the demeanor of his public life, and this is where the twain have met. This has given us all an opportunity for us to look at ourselves in the mirror and see how we fall for the camera and campaign dollars instead of taking the responsibility of looking to see the full slate of candidates. Let’s please look past the money and politicking to give everyone shot – there are truly experienced candidates running that have put their time-in in this city and have done good work. Let’s give them respect, and give ourselves the kind of leader that we deserve and need. It’s up to us to do our homework, if not we only have ourselves to blame later. The full list is here:

  2. Well done Tsach Gilboa! Love the article….and more specifically the bottom line!!!

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