Does True Love Exist?

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About Carl Pettit

Carl Pettit is a writer, illustrator and musician whose education and travels have taken him all over the world. When not out exploring, or pondering the universe, he finds time to produce fiction for both adults and children. You can catch up with him on his blog, or twitter.


  1. “, it’s still one of the best reasons to keep getting out of bed.”

    Yes it is !

  2. Loved this article! Thanks for re-affirming for me there are men out there that still believe in true love and loving one person. With much gratitude!

  3. Ah yes,true love. For me it’s sort of a cocktail (now now, no pun intended!) some infatuation, some lust, and a whole lot of caring. And I mean caring so much you’d ‘take a bullet’ for her without giving it a secone thought! Now the paradox is that I know how I feel, but I really don’t know if I’m ‘the one’ or am I ‘better than nothing’ , ‘better than the last guy’ , the best she thinks she’ll do?

  4. To ask whether does true love exist is to ask whether god exists. Some people believe regardless of what others say that they have found, or will find true love. Some have been badly burnt and refuse to even consider the concept of true love, or even god. Its a very personal opinion and subjective but I do believe in true love even if I am not a religious person myself. Thanks for the article, keep up the good work.

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