Etiquette for the Sports Fan

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  1. There’s one you forgot: sitting down. You paid for the chair- essentially, you’ve rented it for the afternoon/evening- USE IT.

    Don’t get me wrong- I get it: There are often many occasions during a sporting event in which people get excited and jump up and cheer (or boo) and what not. And I’m all about that. But SIT. BACK. DOWN. Nothing I hate more than spending pretty decent coin on seats at a game and then have the numbnuts in front of us standing for three quarters or for six of nine innings or whatever. Especially when I’ve got my kids with me and they can’t see at all. And it’s so refreshing to politely ask someone to sit down and being told, in a voice nearly loud enough for the players on the field to hear, “FUCK YOU, DUDE!” or “SUCK MY DICK, BRAH!” or “I OUGHTA KICK YER ASS, BITCH!” or something similar. Holy moly, was that lady mean. :)

    But seriously, folks…

    Again, I get it- it’s virtually impossible to stay seated for an entire game. I know I couldn’t do it, especially in a close game. Nor would I even consider expecting anyone else to do so. But be friggin’ courteous of the people behind you and sit back down.

    • Hi Johann

      Thanks for your comment. I completely agree that people who don’t know when to sit down/stand up are incredibly annoying. Bit of an oversight not including that in the article I admit, but a worthy part of sports etiquette nonetheless!

      I’ve been fortunate in not having anyone sitting in front of me who was blocking my view because he was standing up. I did have a guy blocking my view because he was reading a newspaper though, crazy!

      - James

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