Microwave Oven-Cooked Corn on the Cob: Step-By-Step Picture Book Recipe

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Bruce Tretter helps people feel comfortable making practical, flavorful and quick & easy meals for themselves---even if they’ve never boiled water---through Gotta’ Eat, Can’t Cook step-by-step picture book and short video directions. He’s a father of 3, Former Naval Intelligence Officer, current school board member, and avid cyclist.


  1. Shuck & wash the corn, place as many ears as will fit in a zip lock bag, toss in some butter/ magerine.
    Nuke on high for 10 mins. Leave it alone in the microwave while you grill meat.
    Serve when meat is done.
    Optional- pretend you’re trying to impress her, shake red pepper/ Tabasco/ cayenne & rock salt on corn before nuking. Pour the melted butter in a dish to bring to the table

  2. Hi Drew: I like the concept but am not a fan of microwaving anything wrapped in plastic. Research has shown that high microwave oven heat allows some heated plastic to leach some of their chemicals into foods cooked in the microwave oven. i just did some more research and found that some plastic wraps and bags are suitable for microwave cooking, though I’d still angle toward using a microwave safe glass or ceramic container either with a top or covered with paper towel.

    Re: your spice option above, right on!

    Hope that helps – Bruce


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