“Tasting the Tour” with a Cherry (Peaches & Blueberries) On Top – All in Pictures


Here’s an easy to make fruit compote that’s delicious with yogurt or as a topping.

 The 100th Tour de France wrapped up three incredibly exciting weeks of road racing with a spectacular first ever late evening finish in Paris. Terrific stuff – kind of like ending it all with a big fat summer-ripe red cherry on top.


As a tribute to a fantastic close to what I think is the toughest organized endurance sport event on Earth, here’s an easy-to-make summer fruit compote made with fresh cherries, blueberries, peaches. This refreshingly crisp fruit mix that takes about half an hour to put together goes great with yogurt or as a warm or cold topping on cereal, waffles, pancakes, French toast or ice cream.

 Here’s a picture of what you need. Just click either picture at the top or bottom of this page for a complete Gotta’ Eat, Can’t Cook step-by-step picture book recipe.

Click here or image below to view recipe.


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