The Burrito and the Universe

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About Atalwin Pilon

Atalwin Pilon is a former bad boy from Amsterdam who had an experience of spiritual awakening at 32. Since that moment he committed to the truth and lives from his heart. Currently he is traveling the world on a quest for meaning, aiming to make a difference. Follow him on his blog Basic Goodness, Facebook and Twitter. You can try him out as your life coach too, if his voice speaks to you. Email him. He will be honored.


  1. As an American, this story makes me want to cry… Both about Burritos and the paranoia that is perpetuated in society and especially the media. Culturally it’s a huge problem that most Americans are absolutely ignorant to. When I was visiting Europe as a solo traveler, I never once felt unsafe or uncomfortable. But that’s America for you! I hope your next burrito is delicious and your next social encounter much more savory! (try a “California Burrito” if you get the chance. It has Fries/Chips in it instead of beans!!!)

  2. I will say that the paranoia about unsafe neighborhoods exists because there are, literally, many unsafe, crime-ridden, shady streets in many urban cities of the U.S. America can be just as dangerous as other places. Guns, gangs, and drug-fuelled frenzies are not uncommon in larger cities. Perhaps there is no crime whatsoever in Roma, or Barcelona, or London, or many other European cities, but if you’ve never heard to “be cautious” about visiting some areas as a tourist/traveler, you’ve never been to anywhere in South or Central America, or Africa, or Eastern Europe, or African nations. There is danger inherent in most major cities of the world. Until U.S. (and other world) citizens ‘grow up’ and discard their insatiable addiction to handguns (and guns in general), and turn instead to more manly and awesome weapons like swords, spears, axes, and the like, I will say unsafe areas of cities will always exist. But, glad you enjoyed the infamous California-based burrito—perhaps the best food in the world.

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