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About Carlos Foglia

Carlos currently lives in Los Angeles. He is an actor/writer/producer, painter and designer, but likes to wait tables in his spare time. You can send him a tweet @LACarlos. His grammar is terrible but Laura Kinson (@lbkinson) makes it gooder.


  1. [...] I began an open thread on Freedom on the Good Feed Blog by talking about The Handmaid’s Tale. There are two kinds of freedom, Margaret Atwood writes in her feminist dystopian fairy tale, freedom to and freedom from. In another totalitarian dystopia, Brave New World, although most people seem to be having more fun, all of the people are similarly cosseted and unfree. Within the confines of these dystopic and totalitarian societies, everyone is promised safety, the security of a position in society. But as Donovan says, if you outsource the tactical aspect, wherein you decide what you will do with your life, you can’t really be safe. Small choices—who to work for or with, what to consume, lead us, through our collective choices, to that most revolutionary freedom, the freedom to change our society. [...]

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