The Future Is Ours: Video

If I’m part of the mechanism that lights a spark for just one person to effect change, it’s worth it.

My good friend of almost 10 years, Michael Marantz, just made this video.

The Future is Ours from Michael Marantz on Vimeo.

I invite you to take a look at it and read the following at your leisure.

Chances are you’ll be moved in one way or another after seeing it.

Chances are you’ll agree or disagree with all of it or none of it.

But the pure fact remains that amid all of the devastation, loss, terror, and pain we see and feel everyday, there is so much beauty. I think Michael does a great job of saying just that. The future is (y)ours and it is so easy to lose track of that. So many of us postulate on how bad things are in the world while sipping our lattes. So many of us congregate with only those that feel the same way and therefore assume that opinions are fact. The recent Supreme Court decision concerning healthcare has most certainly made millions of people into constitutional scholars and, though it is seen as bipartisan victory, will undoubtedly create an even bigger tectonic rift between the ever expanding aisles of this country’s political landscape. I won’t chime in on my thoughts on the decision because that’s for another piece altogether and besides, there are hundreds of bloggers and pundits furiously pounding away on their MacBook Airs in hope of getting hits for their shock-valued journalistic attempts.

My attempt here is to let you see a truly beautiful, hopefully inspiring, piece of art that deals with what is real. There is no agenda here. There is no revenue sharing based on how many visitors I get. I make zero dollars for this piece. I do however get to smile every time someone retweets this or reposts it. And if I’m part of the mechanism that lights a spark for just one person to effect change, it’s worth it. Actually, make that two people, because I’m already on board.

Enjoy the film, and take charge.


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