Grandfatherhood: A Baggage-Free Relationship

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About Mark Sherman

Mark Sherman is editor of the Boys Initiative blog (, and also writes one for Psychology Today (Real Men Don’t Write Blogs). He received his Ph.D. in psychology at Harvard, and has taught, researched, and written on gender issues since coauthoring Afterplay: A Key to Intimacy in 1979. Having three sons and four grandsons, he is especially interested in how boys and young men are doing both in and outside of school.


  1. You think you love your children, but you don’t know what love is until you have grandchildren!

  2. I used to think that there was no ‘Payoff’ for being a good parent (or at least trying to, as parenthood is really all about the effort). Then 2 of my grown children gave me Grandchildren. The best way I find to describe it is all the joy of being a parent, multiplied, with minimal responsibilities. I remember coaching my kids sports teams years ago and seeing how the grandparents in the crowd ‘got into it’ even more than the parents! Now, being a grandparent, I understand! One thing I did notice as my kids were growing up,your children somewhat feed off your relationship with your parents. My Wife hed a ‘strained’ relationship with her father and you could see how it affected the relationship my kids had with their maternal Grandfather. They still loved him, but it was somewhat ‘muted’ compared to the other 3 Grandparents.

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