Hot For Ginger

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Chuck Ross is a freelance writer living in the Midwest. He blogs daily at Gucci Little Piggy where he writes on economics, social commentary, and men's issues.


  1. I can’t be the only one out here who actually thinks that red hair and fair skin are especially attractive features, right? Because I think hot gingers are pretty hot for anyone hands down. And yes, their gingerness stands out, but not as a negative. Not. In. The. Slightest.

    • There is quite a big difference in how redheaded men are perceived and how redheaded women are perceived. Redheaded women are considered sex bombs. Redheaded men are considered awkward and strange. The “hot…for a ginger” qualification is used more to describe redheaded men than women. Not that I’m mad – that’s just how it goes.

  2. It is my belief that only another ginger should have the right to call a ginger a ginger.

    Cultural hair color appropriation is not cool…

    • Let me ask you, do you think that people – usually women – who dye their hair red are improperly appropriating hair color? I don’t ask this to disagree with your argument, I’m just curious how far this goes.

      As a redhead I can’t say that I’m offended by the term ‘ginger’, and the term is very popular now. I get called ‘ginger’ quite often, and people are laughing when they say it. But I don’t think they’re trying to be derogatory while they’re saying it.

      • Sorry about that, it was not a serious remark – I was being goofy at best….I even made myself laugh typing it !!

  3. I am a redheaded freckled and fair skinned gal. I don’t like ginger because really, it is red and I am not ashamed. I find that redheaded guys are not really interested in redheaded girls. I don’t want to generalize but just what I have seen.

    • Speaking as someone who is not a redhead but finds red headed women attractive have by chance noticed guys being more inclined to be attracted to you over your hair? I’m asking this because a lot of the guys I’ve crossed paths with in my day pretty much mutually agree that red heads are attractive (in fact more so that I hear the same of blondes, who are traditionally held up as the beautiful people).

  4. Bjarke Ingebrigtsen says:

    In Norway there are a lot of red and blond haired guys. Come to Norway persecuted gingers; we are far more civilised than the inbred English : )


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