How MMA Fighter G-Money Deals with Down’s Syndrome: He Ignores It [Video]

Garrett G-Money Holeve, MMA fighter with down syndrome

Garrett “G-Money” Holeve fights as hard as any man, and harder than most.



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  1. Amazing story. And that opening punch would have floored most fighters I know. G-Money not only took it but kept pressing forward!

  2. Ok, I was ambivalent about this, and maybe even a bit dismissive at first. But once I saw him training children (and apparently with more patience than I) and also others in his situation, I truly had a change of heart.

    • I was doubtful, except it came to me highly recommended by an editor I trust. And also, I’ve seen enough movies about boxers by now to know that having Down syndrome and even autism would be no impediment to the spirit that moves a fighter.

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