Letter from My Unborn Son

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About Dave Booda

Dave Booda is bringing about a new way of being for men who seek to embrace their gifts and understand women. His strength is communicating eastern wisdom in a simple, effective manner that produces real, measurable changes in people's lives. Dave is also a co-founder of The Mission, a men's movement started in San Diego that helps men improve their lives in the area of purpose, understanding women, health and finances through a brotherhood of men dedicated to change and self-development.


  1. Valter Viglietti says:

    Wow, Dave, this really brought tears to my eyes…
    It’s so real, deep and straightforward… so distant from the usual rhetoric and sugarcoating about children.
    It’s simple, true and perfect. Chapeau!

  2. courage the cowardly dog says:

    I like this. I wish I had gotten a letter like this before my first of 3 came along. I would like to add a brief P.S. I am grateful for your efforts at birth control to the extent that they have prevented me from being conceived to this point, I just hope that if, by chance, I am conceived your birth control doesn’t include driving a needle through my head and killing me while I am developing in my mother’s womb. Since I trust your judgment and Mom’s, I don’t believe you would do that even if I am not completely planned or expected at the time of my conception. Regardless of whatever reservations you might have upon my conception, I guarantee one thing– It is going to be a blast.

    • Thanks Courage! Interesting P.S. It’s hard to express thoughts about abortion without coming off like someone has an agenda.

      • Courage the Cowardly dog says:

        The truth is Dave that no form of birth control is 100% effective 100% of the time except abstinence therefore anytime you have intercourse with a woman you must allow for the possibility, however remote, that a life could be created by it and your eloquent prose tells me that you are intellectually ready to father a child and should you find yourself a father to be, even if you feel at the moment not emotionally or even financially ready, I would like to think that you would not snuff out a life because at the time it is conceived it does not appear to be the “right” time to have a child. Back in the day we would say let’s give peace a chance, but I say now, Let’s give life a chance. If that is an “agenda” well so be it.

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