Marriage, Sometimes

Sometimes, marriage is like this.

I was pouring my heart out
to him in the
kitchen when his
iPhone rang.
he answered it
without thinking.
he was:

  1. so secure in our deep, abiding love that he already knew all that mushy
    stuff and found my verbal vulnerability redundant. or
  2. he was preoccupied, as usual. or
  3. he wasn’t listening in the first place; I mean my lips moved but
    the sound was on

choose one, please.


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Image credit: diloz/Flickr

About Alexis Rhone Fancher

Alexis Rhone Fancher lives on the beach in Marina del Rey, CA, with her husband, Jim. She often writes erotica and reads it aloud. Sometimes, he’ll turn off his iPhone to listen.


  1. Oh so accurate! But the reason I am not married is… Option 4 .. I thought you were done speaking!

  2. This is great Alexis. I love your work

  3. Chanel Brenner says:

    Hilarious. Truthful. I love this poem.

  4. ARF says what I would like to – but i don.t have her gift.

  5. So familiar I can hardly stand it! Thank you for your poem;
    the company in this experience is comforting.

  6. I love this poem! I love the content – I love the form.

  7. Karen Ross says:

    “The sound was on mute”, sure can relate to that experience and so can most other women. You have a wonderful ability to put difficult experiences into lovely words.

    Love to read your poems.

  8. Did you say something? Gentle revenge in a short poem and published. Love that.

  9. Alexis! Oh yeah. I am so there in your kitchen. And he’s there too. Answering his iPhone. Dern it. Thank you for making poetry. You are a master of the unexpected ouch. “… choose one, please.”

  10. Men do not fully comprehend the depth of a woman’s concerns…
    Sometimes we hear “bla bla” and the girl is “pouring out her heart.”
    I remember on one SEINFELD episode Elain says to Jerry: “Just when I think you couldn’t possibly get any more shallow you manage to drain a little more out of the pool.”

  11. Leah Sullivan says:

    Knee jerk training to answer calls plus trust that you’d be there to continue after. Alexis writes real, strong and tasty – the way she cooks. Can’t speak to her lovemaking but I would bet….

  12. 4. Deciding who to bet on in this weekend’s NFL playoffs.

  13. wellokaythen says:

    A combination of the first and third:

    He has heard this particular refrain 78 times over the past month, you’ve refused to listen to anything he’s had to say about it, you aren’t really interested in an adult conversation on the subject, you’ve unloaded on him constantly like he was an on-call therapist and not a human being with his own feelings, and he no longer has the capacity to absorb your one-sided conversation campaign anymore.

    Speaking from past experience, anyway…..

  14. lisa segal says:

    and . . . around and around and
    around we go . . . and we are . . .
    off and we are on and we are off and
    we are.

    love this poem.

  15. Numero trois s’il te plais.

  16. 4. He answered the phone because he thought it was the restaurant calling back to confirm reservations for the romantic dinner he had hoped to surprise you with …

  17. Laughing here… and the headache I had from one too many IPA’s last night now gone. The power of Alexis. Geez! Love this poem!

  18. D. He threw himself under the bus and gave you something concrete to focus on.

  19. Karen Bartelt says:

    We have all lived this! Perfect.

  20. Kay Smith says:

    I love this poem! I laugh out loud every time I read it. I now have a new phrase that I use with my husband “Excuse me, do you, perhaps, have me on mute?” Right on, Julie D!

  21. Clearly was not erotic enough for the man. Mama said there’d be days like this…

  22. Oooooo, yeah!


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