Memorial Day 2012

This Memorial Day weekend, join The Good Men Project on a quest for meaning in observance.

What Does Memorial Day Make You Think Of

A series of short, personal reflections on the multiple meanings of Memorial Day.


Shooting the Truth” By Michael Kamber

Pulitzer Prize nominated war photojournalist Michael Kamber writes, “I never set out to cover wars.”


You See It, You Own It” By Raymond Bechard

“We were sitting on an IED for two days one time,” the soldier tells me, “and we didn’t have anything with us but water and baby wipes. Those are the only things you need anyway. That and bullets.”


Military Honors” By Justin Cascio

Justin Cascio and his husband learn that the military is a family that grieves.


What Do Pacifists Do on Memorial Day?” By Tom Matlack

The son of pacifists finds a personal meaning in a martial observance.


Off The Soldier” By Joel Schwartzberg

What’s an appropriate way to honor our soldiers? Hint: It doesn’t necessarily involve a barbecue or mall sales.


5 Days Before His 14-Gun Salute at Arlington National Cemetery”: A Poem By Lisa Hickey

My days were spent daydreaming
how the world could be saved if only
I could doodle enough peace symbols on my jeans.


Military PSTD and the DSM-V” By Justin Cascio

Some in the military and veterans community had lobbied to replace the word “disorder” in PTSD’s name with “injury,” as less pejorative and permanent-seeming.


Gramps” By Ulysses

Ulysses Remembers


The Color of War” By James Campbell

An excerpt from his new book.


Memorial Day 2012.  This and more on The Good Men Project.

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