Seven Things I Learned Being a Plumber’s Son

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Zach Weinberg is currently perfecting his role as full-time boyfriend and part-time writer. Zach can often be found on a Central Park bench eating pizza and giving the stink-eye to the runners in dolphin shorts. He spends most of his time writing about the constant struggles and hardships he faces as a twenty-something caucasian living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. You can read more of his work at


  1. Nick, mostly says:

    I violate #3 all the time. Unless you’re the building inspector, in which case I am just kidding, I always call a licensed plumber and pipe fitter.

  2. 3.1 if you tried it and screwed it up, own it, don’t blame your brother-in-law
    8- put the dog in the back yard & the toddlers at your mother’s.

    • Great call on putting the dog away. I must have crapped my pants a thousand times upon hearing the barking of a dog every time I went to do a job with my old man.

  3. Honestly Zach- a great little fun piece…
    I suspect that for most of the readers here
    crescent wrench must be a misspelling of the description of the waitress in a french bakery


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