How We Say Sex

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About Drew Bowling

Drew Bowling is a writer, erstwhile photographer, and highly decorated factotum living somewhere in the United States. His writing lingers on language, gender, mental health, and occasional raves about outer space. Keep up with his fancy musings over on Twitter.


  1. You read my mind entirely. Thank you for posting an article that finally exposes the violent nature of these words.

  2. Let me be frank like a hot dog and say that this essay made me want to knock you out and make your girlfriend come. I also agree with you. I also know that my wife doesn’t like misogyny in any form OR foreplay. People can enjoy, even prefer effing etc more than ‘making love’ without being unhealthy. Maybe I just feel a little teased because the essay didn’t provide much in the way of sexy alternatives, but no conspiracy made sex antagonistic. Sex is antagonistic because it isn’t sexy to say what we want, yet everyone wants different types of sex at different times. That’s frustrating. If you are sexually active you will be sexually frustrated at some time or another. Frustrated. Angry. Hungry.

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