Why Women’s Magazines Need to Stop Using Me as the Voice of All Men

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xoJane.com, Jane Pratt's lifestyle site for women, is not about changing yourself to fit any mold of what others think you should be. It is about celebrating who you are. Like Sassy and Jane before it, xoJane.com is written by a group of women (and some token males) with strong voices, identities and opinions, many in direct opposition to each other, who are living what they are writing about.


  1. wellokaythen says:

    “Do Men Like Blue Things, Because I Just Bought My Boyfriend A Blue Thing The Other Day And He Didn’t Seem Very Interested, Is It Me, It’s Me Isn’t It, He Doesn’t Love Me Any More Does He, Oh God I’m Going To End It All Now Oh Jesus Christ I’ve Wasted My Life”

    Yes! Brilliant send-up of the women’s magazine neurosis. It’s depressing that this stuff actually sells.

    I suspect they hire you to represent men because you use the word “bloke,” which somehow just sounds more masculine. Americans are nuts over UK accents — we watch British sitcoms on our “education” channels. Apparently listening to any British accent whatsoever, posh or cockney, is supposed to make us smarter or more well-rounded. Bloke, mum, even “lift” for elevator, just sounds wiser, somehow, so if you say bloke you must know what you’re talking about. Are you having a laugh?

    • “It’s depressing that this stuff actually sells.” – That’s exactly how I feel when it comes to things like pornography or Maxim magazine.

      The truth is that these kind of products exploit our weaknesses and don’t show the best sides of us.

  2. So Stuart – It’s all your fault! P^)

    I think the best that can be hoped for is getting out from under the generic of being the supposed token voice of all men – find a nice Niche where you can write as a real person and have a real existence.

    Of course – that aint going to work in the present media markets where the average gals mag treats men as only a percentage of the average woman’s existence and with a lower number than shoes, frocks, celebrity gossip and how to reduce facial hair. Mags are for preaching and controlling, not for being real and human.

    Besides – do you think the average gals mag editor is better acquainted with men the reality than their readership? For quite a while they were pushing the Queer Guy knows best ideal. I did have to ask, If lady reader can’t accessorize her flowers after giving a blow job, why would the Queer guy be more capable and better at it … the accessorize flowers thing that is! As a happy go lucky queer I have to say that I can accessorize flowers and I blow well too, but the two are not connected and fairies are not magical – just choosy in who they sleep with.

    I see Wife Swapping programs on the TV and I wonder when someone is going to do Editor Swap Lads Mag Vs Gals Mag. It would be a hoot! How about Editor Swap – the Guardian Vs The Sun or Daily Snail ? I can see Polly Toynbee in apoplexy! P^)

    PS – Merlin has had it’s day and generically over reached into silly territory and started to eat it’s own tail. Doctor Who has been going the same way too. Bring back Torchwood – silly but at least it was honest about it. P^)

  3. I laughed out loud at: “I’m fascinated by their covers, which invariably shout, “HEY FATTY! EVERYTHING YOU DO IS SHIT, YOU MASSIVE SHITTY FATTO!” and somehow still drive sales. ”

    It’s kind of true lol!

    And this also made me crack up: ““Do men want to dominate women?” I think, putting myself in this mindset, before answering “WOR, TITS!” and smashing a beer can on my forehead”

    I think if women who read those magazines were actually challenged with more complex article ideas, they would rise to the occasion. I long ago have left those kind of magazines behind me. I read them when i was 17-23. But after that time frame I began to see the bad messages and the silliness in them.

    But I love your article here. Very funny and true in a lot of ways.

  4. ‘Lipgloss the colour of animal semen’. HAHAHAHAHA. Superb.

    I stopped reading women’s magazines once I found out what an orgasm was and realized they contained nothing of further use to me.

    Nowadays I prefer to curl up with a pint of lager, my pipe and a nice copy of Men’s Health of an evening (for the photos of course), but I daresay Eve and I will probably cover the subject of ladymags in a podcast soon.

    Don’t be ashamed of your onesie Stuart. Actually, they’re kind of cute*

    Cath xx

    *on Andy Pandy

  5. The only magazine I never feel regret buying it maybe is just National Geographic Magazine.

    And I never buy any men magazine that using women half naked ( or naked ) as a cover model. They are like saying to me ” Hey man, your simple minded brain only like boobs right? here boobs on cover , you gotta buy this magazine” . Somehow I feel offended. Example : Playboy , FHM, Maxim, even GQ. Sorry boobs on cover don’t make me want to buy magazine with crap article. The only magazine for men I read maybe only Esquire, and they are using men (in clothes ) for cover model. Their fashion advices are pretty useful for me. But again there are still many crap articles on Esquire.

    Again I’ll stick with my National Geographic Magazines and enjoy all those high quality article and photos.

  6. Stuart, you’re brilliant!

  7. Ivread Cosmo when I’m getting my hair cut and entertain myself by texting the worst sex tips to my boyfriend. Hide a pair of your thong underwear in his laptop case so that he will be embarassed in front of all his coworkers! Shave your pubic hair into the shape of an arrow pointing down! Text him your craziest sexual fantasies while he’s really busy at work — guys LOVE being distracted during important meetings!


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