The Myth of the Normal Family Unit

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About Corina Connell

I'm a proud Alumni of Earlham College and the University of Connecticut, where I earned my Master's Degree in Social Work. Professionally, I am a clinician for mental health crisis services. I try to prevent suicide, homicide, domestic violence, trauma, abuse, addiction and provide much needed connection to people who feel they cannot fall any further. Some days it's intense, most days I know I made a difference. I get exposure to so much in the community, and I'm seeing the bigger issues; I'm working in a community in need of healing, and thus getting some healing for myself. I am committed to reducing stigma through who I am and what I do. I regularly blog to share experiences and process my own mental health (
I'm also a wife to an awesome husband, and a co-parent to a near six year old girl; I recently had a conversation with my family on our mental health experiences of parenting--Four Parents Deep. I appreciate a man's perspective, and firmly believe that the personal IS political.

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