The New Lucky

After tragedy, we develop new regard for our everyday blessings.

As a layperson, and certainly as a parenting blogger, I often feel certain discussions do better without my input.

After the tragedy in Newtown Connecticut, there was such sharing of grief and loss, and such an outpouring of emotion in all media I felt my point of view wasn’t missed.

But, as a writer, when an idea keeps nudging your psyche, you personally feel you have more to gain by sharing it than by trying to wish it away.

Wednesday night was my children’s elementary school Christmas concert.

Before the closing song, the principal addressed the crowd. She thanked the teachers, and reinforced how “lucky” we all are to be able to celebrate in this way; especially after the tragedy in Connecticut.

I understand her meaning and her intention. Her speech is motivated by her love for her students, her pride in her school, and being able to celebrate joyously as a group of parents and children who—no matter what may have befallen us in the past—cannot begin to fathom the dark weight of a mass murder in an elementary  school.

I suppose that’s what “lucky” has become.

It used to be winning the lottery; avoiding an auto accident; going south for a week; or getting free tickets to a hockey game.

Now, “lucky” has changed.

Now, “lucky” is being used to describe those who survive elementary school.

I never thought of myself as “lucky” to be able to attend an elementary school Christmas concert.

But I suppose it’s better to be reminded of the new lucky, than to be unable to forget such horrible misfortune.


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