The Poet in Prison Dreams

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A lover of birds dreams he can fly and talk to animals … and that his human brothers and sisters might learn to forgive him.

Today I finished the libretto I am writing for my Swedish brother Stefan. We are creating a musical based on chapters in my memoir, ”By Heart,” that I wrote with Judith Tannenbaum, and based on the lyrics and music from the two CDs ”Freedom for the prisoners” and ”Words of realness.” Of course, Stefan and our director will create other music and flows for the piece. Stefan projects it will take up to three years for the musical to come to stage in Sweden.
My dream, my hope, is that I can attend that opening! Oh, I am just a foolish dreamer. I have dreamed I could fly. I have dreamed I could talk to animals. I have dreamed that plants and flowers whisper songs and poems to me. Sometimes I have brought them back through the doors of dreams. I have dreamed I was on stage sharing my work and wonderful things were thrown at me. I have dreamed I live beyond any kind of prisons, beyond hate and revenge. I may be just a foolish dreamer, but I’ll keep dreaming beyond walls. I’ll love some of you who will never love or forgive me for my past wrong—something that happened decades ago. An event you still choose to see and color your perception of my life. Forgive for your own good, your own balance, your own love and light. Perhaps, when you can forgive yourself, you will forgive me. The foolish dreamer who will keep on dreaming beyond walls. A dreamer who believes in love as swans do.

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Poet/writer/artist/teacher. In prison since 1977. I had two books published in 2010 “Longer Ago Poems by Spoon Jackson” and “By Heart Poetry, Prison, And Two Lives”, a double memoir by Judith Tannenbaum and me. I've been featured in films, plays, articles, books and music suites. I've found my niche in life despite being in prison for over 35 years. I have found that prisons are created internally and are truly found everywhere. I have also discovered that the secrets to break down prison walls are inside each person and I treasure sharing this realness with people. I keep my light glowing through expressing my inner thoughts, vibes and feelings in my poetry and prose writing. Write to me! Address on the blog: Spoon Jackson Realness Network.


  1. Christine Thomas says:

    I’m thinking, people who cannot forgive have minds too small to dream. Everybody’s gotta have a dream! Keep the dream alive, Spoon.

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