Pediatrician Ronald J. Glasser on Writing ‘365 Days’ About His Service in the Vietnam War [Video]

A pediatrician arrives in Vietnam still full of himself, and is soon troubled by what he sees.

Ronald Glasser shares, that upon arriving in Vietnam, he addressed a nearby Colonel with, “‘You know, I’m a pediatrician. I haven’t been up in an operating room since medical school.’ Glasser goes on, “And, I think, in my heart, I expected him to say, ‘That’s okay. You don’t have to go.’ He put his hand on my shoulder and said, ‘That’s okay, Captain, we’ll just give you the little wounds.’ And that’s when I said, ‘Wow. This is different.'”

Troubled by what he saw happening to these young soldiers, Glasser decided to use his surgical ward experience to write about it—the result is 365 Days. Of the story, Glasser says, “It’s absolutely accurate. It’s not political. It’s just the way it was.”

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