Wearing V-Necks with Valor

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  1. Let’s face it—a V-Neck shirt can easily have a neckline that plunges too low. Certain men in their twenties can pull off an ultra-low V-Neck, but most people just can’t make it work. …

    I broadly agree, thought not about the age, it is more about body type.
    The plunging v neck is similar to the plunging V of that dismal failed piece of male formalwear – the lounge/busines/tuxedo suit. I feel the triangle of the plunging V works best on chests [male or female] that pronounce further than the belly. The aesthetic interplay between the V, the cleavage and the chest shape forming a most pleasing shape on such bodies.

    A plunging V looks good men whose chests and bellies have the same protudence, but it is unremarkable.

    In my mind, a plunging V tshirt is not recommended for most men [although a loose plunging V shirt can work]. As most men have ‘gorilla bellies’ – bellies that promenade before their chests. I do too, im six foot,140lb, and have a pot belly. How the V sits on the torso giving the body an unbalanced appearance. As the belly is larger than the chest, the V pointing too and emphasising the stomach in an unflattering manner – terrible.

    I finish off by saying, Im talking about how the clothing strikes personally to me. Of course people are free to wear what they wish

  2. I keep looking at that photo of the male equivalent of a size Zero and wondering just how big a V neck it would need to cover my ……?

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