How to Buy an Engagement Ring for Your Girlfriend, James Bond Style

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  1. Love it. Must have been an inside job.

  2. You’re underestimating the alerts that ANY of these activities will send up within your girlfriend’s social circle. Women are finely honed to all indications of marriage intentions – talking about any spherical clothing, especially jewelry, will link her brain (and her friends’ brains) to an engagement ring. If you’re ready to propose, be ready for her to anticipate your proposal, even psychically. Just be sure to chose your confidants carefully and have them sworn to discretion. If you involve others in your plans, remember you’ll have to answer to them if her answer isn’t what you’re hoping it will be. The worst thing you can do is sent up an alert without intention to follow through on it. She’ll spend the rest of your time together holding her breath. Best of luck!

    • I’d generally agree that few women are 100% surprised by a proposal, unless it’s really out of the blue, like before they’ve even discussed the possibility of marriage. Even excluding the involvement of friends, if you’re planning to propose soon, she probably already knows or at least suspects.

      Tangentially related – one of my other favorite sites is an advice column, and there was a letter recently in which the writer described some potentially shady, distanced, withdrawn behavior and she presented it to the jury of commenters for interpretation. The consensus seemed to be “He’s cheating/preparing to dump you, or he’s getting ready to propose,” backed up by many anecdotes about how the commenters’ husbands became all secretive and shifty pre-proposal because they were trying to keep the proposal plans a secret.

      So seriously – even if you don’t deliberately talk to her social circle about it, she’s likely to pick up on other signals anyway, and will probably run these by her social circle herself!

      • Edit: the letter writer was talking about her boyfriend’s sudden withdrawn, distanced behavior. Somehow I missed that.

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  4. Couple more tips…

    Consider alternatives to diamonds. Not just because of the ethical issues around diamonds, but because other gems are beautiful too! Depends a bit on the woman – if she’s very traditional, maybe only a diamond will do. But if she’s a “dare to be different” kind of person who doesn’t really jive with mainstream trends and fashion, she might be delighted by a colorful ring.

    Consider family heirlooms as potential engagement rings – from your family or from hers. (Goes without saying, do so with permission from the family in question!) My BIL used his wife’s grandmother’s ring to propose and even set off alarm bells because he took it to get resized/repaired before proposing, and she noticed it was missing and panicked.

    And hey, even if that happens – relax! It will make a funny story later.

  5. Very helpful tips. I really enjoyed reading the blog because I agree to most of them. My brother will certainly be happy when he knows about these tips because he is having a hard time popping the question and finding the right ring.


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