100 Acts of Male Goodness: Call for Submissions

The Good Men Project invites you to share your stories of male goodness.

Good Men Project wants to hear your stories about everyday men performing exceptional acts of goodwill. Whether it’s a personal narrative, or something you’ve witnessed or heard, the admirable actions of men that ocur day after day deserve to be shared with others.

From stories of fatherhood to heroes who fought overseas, 100 Acts of Male Goodness documents the honorable lives of men through short, detailed vignettes.

If you have a story of male goodness you would like to share, send short (250 words or less) posts to [email protected]

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100 Acts of Goodness will run every day for 100 days:

#1: Witness

#2: Foxy Lady

#3: General Contractor

#4: Emails From a Friend

#5: Eyes

#6: Hands

#7: Pandas

#8: Philosophy

#9: Red Line

#10: The Runaway

#11: Pal Dog

#12: Broken Meditation

#13: Finding Fatherhood

#14: War

#15: Just Another Happy Family

#16: Bullshit

#17: Couch

#18: Dog Bites and Pizza

#19: Sing Sing

#20: Southie

#21: Celebrity Ticket

#22: Fixing a Flat

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