Men and Faith: Call for Submissions

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About Ross Steinborn

Ross recently graduated from Harvard Divinity School, where he studied Christian theology and gender studies, with a focus on masculinity studies. From central IL, he now lives with his partner in South Boston.


  1. Tom Brechlin says:

    For me it’s simple. I live my life with JOY. Jesus, Others, You. I come last in the big scheme of things. That’s the long and short of it.

    My faith is everything and without it I have nothing. God is and always will be the foundation of my life. My faith has made me the husband, father, grandfather, brother ….. the man I am.

    Now, if you want to talk about the trials and tribulations with selfish perceptions of what “I” wanted or expected … I won’t go there. My faiths journey is too personal to open up that door. This is one of the venues I would feel least comfortable being open about my faith. It’s way too secular of an environment. Sorry

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